Welcome to San Francisco…

Where once people gave peace signs in the park, now people lie on the streets and that includes their furry friend.  

I have been in San Francisco for 9 years and it has gotten immensely worse, at an exponential rate.  Dogs have a special place in my heart, really all animals do…but the prevalence of dogs is unmistakeable.

I lived on Market Street, 3 blocks west of Twitter and — no homeless or dogs outside their building —- it baffles my mind that the inhumaneness that has become San Francisco sits on the heels of the richest in the country. 

I have to direct my disappointment towards the politics.  San Francisco’s mayor seems to tell the police to tolerate just about everything that happens on the streets.  The drugs, mental health problems, street crime all prevails on the streets of San Francisco, the mecca city that brings in billions of dollars a year.

If Mayor London truly cared about helping the homeless dogs and people, she would transfer misappropriated funds from tax payers to open up rehabilitation clinics.  Attempting the insane approach of  building more shelters to help year after year, unfortunately has not helped the homeless numbers; in fact, it seems to be exponentially growing due to the incentive to come across country to the city that gives stimulus checks to the homeless and that includes drug-users who have dogs they cannot care for.  Most homeless people do not want to be in a shelter, they feel unsafe there.  San Francisco also thinks that by giving out fresh new syringes to people, they’re curtailing diseases, but in fact they’re just enabling an ever-growing crisis.

In summation, we need to get help to these dogs that are not properly cared for on the streets of San Francisco. In tandem, we’ll need to get mental health institutions, therapy and permanent homes for the people on the streets, not just a halfway house that reinforces drug use and crime.

Come on San Francisco, we can do better. For love of the dogs.


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